Research Unit FOR538
Doping Dependence of Phase Transitions and Ordering Phenomena in Copper-Oxygen Superconductors

P3 Unconventional Ordering Phenomena in Cuprates

Matthias Vojta

The physics of strongly correlated materials in general and of high-temperature superconductors in particular is dominated by a plethora of different possible ordering phenomena.
Many of them can be characterized as unconventional: The internal symmetry may be different from s-wave, and the ordering wavevector may be unrelated to Fermi surface properties.
These orders may co-operate or compete, leading to zero-temperature phase transitions and finite-temperature properties being dominated by strong order parameter fluctuations.
The focus of this project is the theoretical description of competing ordering phenomena, characteristic of doped Mott insulators, including signatures of their fluctuations in various experimental probes - present in the Forschergruppe - such as neutron scattering, photoemission, and scanning tunneling microscopy.
The studies will be based on effective low-energy models for cuprate superconductors, using methods of field theory and renormalization group as well as Monte Carlo simulations and mean-field theories.